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MFÖ (Mazhar Fuat Ozkan), the most important and rooted band in Turkey, has been together and making music for the last 30 years. They have written the lyrics and compositions for all their albums, which exhibit an innotiative trend throughout. During their productive career, they produced more than 100 compositions and received several rewards.

The band laid its foundations with a long play by Mazhar Alanson and Fuat Güner titled
“ Türküz Türkü Çağırırız”, produced in 1968. The MFÖ proper was established when Özkan Uğur joined the band in 1970.

The first hit the MFÖ produced was “ Ele Güne Karşı “ in 1984. The song was chosen as the
“ Song of the Year “ after its release with in the same year.” Peki Peki Anladık “( 1985 ),
“ Vak The Rock “ ( 1986 ), “ No Problem “ ( 1987 ), “ Geldiler “ ( 1990 ), Best of MFÖ (1989)
“ Agannaga” and “ Dönmem Yolumdan “( 1992 ) and Rock oriented “ MVAB “ ( 1995 ) followed.

After 1995, the band began its solo work.Together with Cem Yılmaz ( famous comedian ), Mazhar Alanson took part in a movie titled, “ Her şey Çok Güzel Olacak”. Alanson’s solo album was on market in year 2002. Meanwhile Fuat Güner produced his first solo album in April 1999, and Özkan Uğur took part in various cinema, TV and theatre productions. In spite of this they never performed alone, or with someone else, they performed always together. Apart their solo business, their new arranged colection album presented to their funs in late september 2003 and at the year 2006 a new album called “ AGU “ took his place in market and loved too much by his fans. Maenwhile the band continues to work together in all productions, domestic and foreign concert tours and appears in engagements for audiences.

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