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Dj Silence

Dj Silence

This is DJ Silence….

Silence started dj-ing in 1992 as a hip-hop dj and his thing was more scracthing and quickmixing. After 4 years he went more into House music. In 1998 Silence became the Technics dutch house dj Champion’98. Silence has developed a great spinning style after those years of dj-ing.
For Silence there are no musical boundries. He can easily combine urban,classix, latin & house music. He uses his skills like scratching and quick mixing within house music in his dj-sets & sometimes graps the mic and hype up the crowd!
When you have DJ Silence at your party, there is no way that the crowd can sit down!

This dj has gigs all over europe like Holland,Germany, Belgium, France, Norway, Switserland & Turkey.
In December 2004 Silence did it again. He became the Technics dutch house dj Champion 2004, once again.
Silence has given away live mix demo’s for IDP/DMC Holland, Pioneer Holland.

On the production scale Silence got some big club hits on his name like: Bomba Latina, Play it Loud , Rip it up , Rasta Battaria, Party Time! & some official remixes like:
Amsterdao,Yeke Yeke 2011 & Get your ass up.
But his main club hit is Latin Injection, which will lead the ladies right to the dancefloor at once.

More releases will follow and Silence is ready to rock your party worldwide & further with his latin/dutch sound!

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